About Community Prayer
Our Vision
The vision behind this app is to cultivate a grassroots movement of every Christian in the world to come together to praise, proclaim scripture, and pray in community every hour of every day in every language.

Can we really accomplish this?
There are 48 half-hour slots in a day. That makes 336 slots in a week. There are roughly 250 known languages in the world. In order to cover every time slot in every language we need 84,000 Christians. That is less than 1/500th of a percent of all professing Christians in the world. So we have the numbers to do it.

How long will it take to do this?
If every Christian that covers a 30 minute weekly time slot inspires 3 other Christians to do the same (within their first year) then we can cover every hour with every language by 2031. See the progression chart below.

Year Slots Covered (Goal) Slots Covered (Actual)
2021 1 1
2022 4
2023 13
2024 40
2025 121
2026 364
2027 1,093
2028 3,280
2029 9,841
2030 29,524

What is our motive for praying?
Our motive for praying is that we personally have experienced the goodness and love of Jesus. As a reult, we love Jesus and love our neighbors. Since we love our neighbors, we want them to experience the same goodness and love that we have experienced. We believe that God is going to judge and punish those outside of Christ with eternal destruction away from His presence. We believe that God wants all people to repent and come to Christ and live. We believe that God wants us to intercede for them and He works through our prayers to bring people to salvation. We also believe that this vision will help unify the worldwide church of Christ.

Why do I need this app to pray?
Thankfully you don't! This app is simply a tool to assist you in your prayer life and connect you with other praying believers.

Why persistent prayer?
Jesus taught us the importance and power of faithful and persistent prayer.  He taught us to pray always and not grow weary or lose heart. (Luke 18:18)

How will the vision grow?
We need you to share the vision with people at your church, fellow Christians, and on social media.