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What do we believe?
Our Mission
Streets of Prayer is a social media platform to connect the worldwide Church of Christ in prayer, ministry, gifts, acts of kindness, stories, and devotion. Our vision and mission at Streets Of Prayer is to mobilize and unify the Church to pray persistently and faithfully for the individual people and neighborhoods of the world. Our goal, collectively, is to cover every person (by name) and every neighboorhood in prayer with the hope that every person on Earth will come to know, love, and worship Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that they will experience the power of His death and resurrection.

How can we cover every person in prayer?
There are over 1 billion Evangelical Christians in the world. The total population of the world is around 7.6 billion (as of 2018). That means there are 6.6 billion people who, left to themselves, are on a path to be eternally separated from the beauty and goodness of Jesus Christ. They are on a path that will lead them to eternal death becaue they have not embraced the one who is eternal life. Every moment matters! Roughly 260,000 people leave this world and enter eternity every day. We can stand in the gap. We can pray for them! If every one of us 1 billion Christians prayed for 7 people that are not Christians, then every person would be covered in prayer (assuming no overlap). Pick a person for each day of the week, this way that person will be prayed for at least once a week. As you can see from the numbers, we can accomplish this. Also, as you can see from the numbers it really will take all of us.

What is our motive for praying?
Our motive to pray is that we have experienced the goodness and love of the Lord. Since we love our neighbors, we want them to experience the same goodness and love that we have. We also believe that by praying, we will draw closer to the heart and will of God in the journey. It is not our motive to guilt Christians into praying since it will ultimately prove to be fleeting, ineffective, and counter productive. We hope that by praying it will NOT only lead to neighbors and neighborhoods coming to Jesus, but it will also be an opportunity to bring families together as we pray for their neighbors and neighborhoods. we see this as way to unify our efforts and partner up together for Jesus.

Why do I need this web application to pray?
Thankfully you don't! This web application is simply a tool to help us make personal and collective prayer goals. It can help us track how well we are doing in those goals. It is a tool to help bring us together and utilize each of our gifts for the kingdom of Jesus. The tools prayer logging feature can be useful as a testimony to those you are praying for and a reminder of God's faithfulness to hear and act on your persistant prayers. May we never forget that it is God through our prayers that make things happen. This tool is useless without that. But with that, this tool can be quite helpful to encourage and mobilize us.

How can we cover every neighboorhood in prayer?
Like we mentioned above, there are over 1 billion Evangelical Christians in the world. The world has around 25,000,000 square miles of habitable space. If every Christian prayer walked a 0.05 square mile area in their neighboorhood, then we would cover every neighboorhood in prayer. It would take around 15 minutes to walk around an area that size and we would only need 500 million Christians to engage. That is less than 50% of the 1 billion Christians that are in the world. As you can see from the numbers, we can accomplish this. Also, as you can see from the numbers it really will take all of us.

Who should I pick as my 7?
Take a few hours of alone time and go to a peaceful place that you enjoy visiting. A place where you can meditate and connect with God. Make sure to bring a journal. Once you get there, reflect on the non-Christian people that God has put in your life. We recommend you start with your immediate family and then work out from there. Reflect on your extended family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, people you sponsor via different programs. Among those people, think about who you already have some kind of regular contact with or plan to have regular contact with. This will give you the opportunity to practically show the love of Christ to them. Consider which of those people that you have such a burden on your heart regarding their eternal salvation that you are ready and willing to pray for them and serve them until they come to know Jesus. As you are doing this, write down the names of the people that come to your mind and commit them to God. Over the next few weeks, ask God to reveal which of those seven people that He would like you to pray for every week. Ask God to reveal the people He wants you to persistently, practically, and faithfully love through prayer, word, and action.

What is prayer walking?
It is simply walking around and praying for a geographical area.

What are we praying for?
We are praying for God's kingdom to come to that area. We are praying that the Holy Spirit will use us, as members of Christ’s body, to be active in bringing His kingdom to that area.

Why are we praying?
We are praying because we believe that God hears our prayers when we pray in faith according to His will (2 Ch 7:14, 1 Jn 5:14).  Since Jesus taught us to pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, we ought to pray for this expecting and believing that God is both able and willing to do it.(Mat 6:10)

Why are we praying regularly?
Jesus taught us the importance and power of faithful and persistent prayer.  He taught us to pray always and not grow weary or lose heart. (Luke 18:18)

How often should I prayer walk?
Make a weekly goal for yourself that you can realistically achieve (ie. 2 times a week).

Why are we walking?
We believe that every Christian is indwelled by the life giving Spirit of God and is a member of the body of Christ (Romans 8:11, 1 Cor 12).  We also believe that God is sovereign. We are in our neighborhoods by His ordering and we have a purpose for being there. We are uniquely equipped with His gifts to help build His Kingdom in our neighborhoods. This implies, when a Christian walks around a certain area, that that area is being surrounding with the presence of Jesus Christ.  As we walk around our neighborhoods, we rely on the Spirit of God to be Christ’s witnesses. We represent His light, love, and goodness to our neighbors.  We rely on the Spirit to utilize the gifts that Christ has given us and the gifts of the other members of Christ’s body to help serve our neighbors in every area of life.  We seek to spread God’s blessing and the culture of Heaven to the neighborhoods in which we live.  Seeking for and relying on the Spirit to open up and reveal opportunities to engage and serve our neighbors by sharing the Gospel of Jesus through word and action.

What if I am unable to walk?
We still recommend praying over your neighborhood. God knows your heart and ability. You may consider partnering with someone who is able to walk around the neighborhood. Or you may be able to find another means of traversing the neighborhood (ie. wheelchair, car, bike, etc.). Whatever you do, don't let your physical limitations keep you from praying that's what's most important.

What does it mean for God’s kingdom to come?
When a person believes in Jesus, the Kingdom of God comes to that person (Luke 17:20-21).  Praying for the Kingdom of God to come to an area is the same as praying for every person in that area to believe in Jesus, as presented in the Bible.  As persons come to believe in Jesus, we believe the atmosphere of Heaven will come to earth and our streets will be transformed into streets of praise and worship to God.

How will we know if we covered every person in prayer?
We won't know 100%. However, the website will keep track of how many people are being prayed and our goal will be to reach the total world population (~7.6 Billion). That's the best we can do for now.

How will we know if we covered the map in prayer?
Our website has a map of the entire world.   We are encouraging every Christian to (1) create an account and (2) search for their neighborhood on the map and (3) claim an area by drawing a route on the map that encompasses a certain area within their neighborhood.  The goal is to claim an area that is not already claimed by someone else.  Once you claim that area on the map, we are encouraging you to faithfully prayer walk that area according to the weekly goal you have specified.    By doing this, we will be able to collaborate with Christians around the globe to achieve our goal of surrounding every square foot of the habitable earth in faithful and persistent prayer.

How are we going to communicate our mission?